Brugg und Torricella
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This works well because some clients are fully involved in the process and are passionate about haute Horlogerie. They are willing to wait as long as necessary. But not all clients are like that. Sometimes they want to purchase a Vacheron Constantin watch and it is possible to do so without waiting for years.

We want to create around 30 watches per year rolex replica from scratch, which we will then show to our clients. We want to tell more Vacheron Constantin stories, and Les Cabinotiers is a key component of this. Engaging more deeply and personally with clients is key.

Vacheron Constantin 57260

What kind of stories are you referring to when you speak about Vacheron Constantin?

We have three pillars at Vacheron Constantin around which to tell stories. There's Les Cabinotiers, and the Historiques collection. This is where we go back through rolex replica buy our archives to define Vacheron Constantin. If we state that Vacheron Constantin is a house of understated elegance and amazing finishing, we can then go ahead and search for specific models from our heritage that can be reinterpreted in a more modern way. This is how we can engage our clients with the brand's history and have a dialogue about who and what we are.

Because they are limited in number, these five Historiques referenced we just launched won't make much of a difference in our business. It has never been about volume. It is a matter of appeal, desirability and strong client engagement. They know our history and who we are.

Our metiers d’art department Replica Watches Breitling Chronomat Watches is the third pillar. Everyone told me when I first joined Vacheron Constantin that Vacheron Constantin was the best in terms of metiers. I also can see other strong maisons here, so we began to ask ourselves how we could distinguish ourselves. Our solution was Vacheron Constantin. We do only one collection of metiers de'art watches per year instead of making two or three. This preserves their rarity. They will be made in smaller quantities because of the same reason. We will never mix metiers d’art and complications. This is because we have an incredible reputation in both areas. This creates a strong value for our clients.

Kurt Huber / Aargauer Zeitung / 11. Oktober 2000