Brugg und Torricella
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We visited recently the facilities at Plan-les-Ouates, and the Vallee De Joux. It seems that they are also undergoing physical changes.

We are putting more resources into the departments we want to grow. We have increased our investment in Les Cabinotiers in our design studio, digital, and CRM [customer relationship management]. Breguet Replica Watches The physical changes you see are mainly due to the fact we once had a Meyrin production site as part of Richemont Campus Genevois la Haute Horlogerie. We recently moved that portion back to Plan-les-Ouates. Now we have two sites: one in Plan-les-Ouates, and one in the Vallee de Joux.

We wanted to improve our internal communication,Replica Rolex Watches supply chain and overall agility. After all, it is the client who benefits from these improvements. This does not mean that we have fewer chances to find synergies within Richemont. In fact, we are more focused on this than ever.

I don't believe we should be completely verticalized and do everything ourselves. This is especially true if there is an excellent innovation in one of our sister brands. Instead of spending five-years developing an equivalent in-house, why not use a shared asset to benefit clients in half the time?

My favorite comparison is cars. Even the most expensive cars share a platform with other cars; you can be certain that the electrical system was not developed in-house, but rather by Siemens or another company. It's normal to seek out the best innovation and optimize it in your own way.

Although it is true that we are today fully Geneva Seal, we still make our own movements and encase everything, but I'm asking my team to be more open to the possibility of leveraging group synergies. We should be more open to bringing the best innovations for our clients. Yes.

Although some may associate Vacheron Replica Rolex Cellini as a brand with conservative and traditional values, the truth is that Vacheron Replica Rolex Cellini was the first company to use online channels to reach their community through The Hour Lounge forums. What is Vacheron Replica Rolex Cellini doing to continue their digital outreach through the new generation of online platforms and channels?

Kurt Huber / Aargauer Zeitung / 11. Oktober 2000